This subject teaches the skills and knowledge required to:

·participate in workplace occupational health and safety (OHS) consultative processes

·analyze the workplace in relation to environmentally sustainable work practices

·implement improvements and monitor their effectiveness

·Understand and implement simple virtualization with VMWare

Topics include:

·Establishing consultative processes

·Obtaining and providing information about OHS issues

·Raising OHS issues with others

·Investigating current practices in relation to resource usage

·Setting targets for improvements

·Implementing performance improvement strategies

·Install VMWare Workstation 8

·Create a new virtual machine from an operating system image

·Install VMware Tools

·Create a virtual machine and configure networking

·Create, revert, and delete a virtual machine snapshot

·Connect external USB devices to a virtual machine

·Share files with the host operating system

·Add a hard drive to a virtual machine and

This subject provides students with an opportunity to obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to service computer hardware, build a computer from parts, install and configure commonly used PC operating systems.

Upon completion of this subject, students should be able to:

  • Identify all the parts of a PC
  • Discuss the functions and interactions of all PC subsystems
  • Identify and troubleshoot common PC hardware problems
  • Select quality PCs and constituent components based on performance and cost
  • Install, replace, and upgrade PC hardware components
  • Install and troubleshoot PC peripherals such as printers
  • Install and configure commonly used PC operating systems